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Take an ice cream tour of America: We found the most amazing flavor in every state!

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41 of the best scoop shops and frozen treat brands in the US

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Now serving from three shops in the Charlotte area (and a new location opening this summer in Rock Hill), Two Scoops Creamery first opened in 2016. Founded by three best friends, Marques Johnson, Rich Moyer and Jae Hatchett, their homemade ice cream recipes are all family secrets. They have many classics like Chocolate Peanut Butter and Vanilla Fudge Brownie that rotate in with fun-named flavors including Not Your Mama's Pumpkin Pie, Superman, Cookies by the Sea and the turn-your-tongue-blue Cookie Monster.

— Caroline Choe

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Many of us have gone out with friends to get some ice cream, but these three best friends — Marques Johnson, Jae Hatchett, and Rich Moyer — combined their skills to share their love of ice cream with us. It's a tasty strategy to make new friends all the time. Since opening their first shop in Plaza Midwood in 2016, they've opened two more colorful and family-friendly locations in Charlotte's South End neighborhood and in Mooresville. Johnson, who learned to make ice cream from his family in Florida, dreams up playful creations like Krazy Kake, Bartman, Wake Up Call, Dabba Doo, Papi Crunch, and Not Your Mama's Pumpkin Pie. Check out their double-wide ice cream cones, designed to hold — you guessed it — two scoops.

— Sheri Castle

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Situated in Plaza Midwood, Two Scoops Creamery is a delightful ice cream parlor that offers a fantastic array of flavors in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This family-owned establishment is known for its homemade ice cream, which sets it apart from other ice cream shops in the area. The blueberry cheesecake flavor is a crowd favorite, showcasing the quality and creativity of their offerings.

— Art of Travel